The primary objectives of ParentLinks are to:

  • Focus on assisting the Pre-K teacher in ensuring that each Pre-K student can read by the end of the third grade
  • Promote the Pre-K students’ social, emotional and physical development
  • Encourage Pre-K students to see how reading can be rewarding and relevant to their lives
  • Provide tutoring 1:1 and in groups to Pre-K students
  • Support parents in understanding their role as a partner in their children’s education and the impact that they can have on their children’s learning ability
  • Assist parents in assuming their partnership role in their children’s education
  • Provide mentoring to parents
  • Offer monthly Parent Sessions on relevant topics

In August 2016, the Columbus (OH) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, established a partnership with two partners –Partners Achieving Community Transformation (PACT) and Trevitt Elementary (Columbus City Schools) – to launch ParentLinks.

Literacy and early childhood education are issues of concern in our community. The Columbus (OH) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is committed to this work with the support of its reputable partners. ParentLinks, is a ve-year, in-school and out-of-school program that targets Pre-K students and their parents/caregivers at Trevitt Elementary through the third grade.